Protein name: SNAT5 Aliases: SN2 Substrates: Q, N, H, S Transport type: Cotransporter / Na+, E / H+ Tissue and cellular expression: stomach, brain, liver, lung, small intestine, spleen, colon, kidney Subcellular expression: N/D Disease: N/D Locus: Xp11.23 Sequence ID: NP_277053.2, NM_033518.2 Gene ID: 92745 Splice variants: N/D

S38A5_HUMAN (UniProt)

Gene names: SLC38A5, JM24, SN2, SNAT5, PP7194
Protein names and data: S38A5_HUMAN, Full=Sodium-coupled neutral amino acid transporter 5, Full=Solute carrier family 38 member 5;Full=System N transporter 2; Length: 472 a.a., Mass: 51457 Da,
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Function: Functions as a sodium-dependent amino acid transporter which countertransport protons. Mediates the saturable, pH- sensitive, and electrogenic cotransport of several neutral amino acids including glycine, asparagine, alanine, serine, glutamine and histidine with sodium
Cellular location: Cell membrane; Multi-pass membrane protein (By similarity)
Tissue specificity: Predominantly expressed in stomach, brain, liver, lung and intestinal tract

Database cross-references

UniProt: Q8WUX1
NextBio: 77865
OMIM: 300649
Ensembl: ENST00000376876
GeneCard: GC0XM048458
PharmGenUCSF: SLC38A5
Guide to Pharmacology: SLC38A5 (1173)
System N-like transporters (1173)

HGNC: HGNC:18070

Genetic variants

See also Ensembl:ENST00000376876