Protein name: PAT2 Aliases: tamodorin 1 Substrates: P, G, A, hydroxyproline Transport type: Cotransporter / H+ Tissue and cellular expression: lung, heart, kidney, muscle, testis, spleen, adrenal gland, thymus, sciatic nerve Subcellular expression: N/D Disease: N/D Locus: 5q33.1 Sequence ID: NP_861441.2, NM_181776.2 Gene ID: 153201 Splice variants: N/D

S36A2_HUMAN (UniProt)

Gene names: SLC36A2, PAT2, TRAMD1
Protein names and data: S36A2_HUMAN, Full=Proton-coupled amino acid transporter 2;Short=Proton/amino acid transporter 2, Full=Solute carrier family 36 member 2;Full=Tramdorin-1; Length: 483 a.a., Mass: 53216 Da,
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Function: Involved in a pH-dependent electrogenic neuronal transport and sequestration of small amino acids. Transports glycine and proline. Inhibited by sarcosine (By similarity)
Cellular location: Cell membrane; Multi-pass membrane protein. Cytoplasm (By similarity)
Tissue specificity: Abundantly expressed in kidney and muscle. Expressed in the S1 segment of the proximal tubule close to the glomerulus

Database cross-references

UniProt: Q495M3
NextBio: 87082
OMIM: 138500 242600 608331
Ensembl: ENST00000450886
GeneCard: GC05M151309
PharmGenUCSF: SLC36A2
Guide to Pharmacology: SLC36A2 (1162)
SLC36 family of proton-coupled amino acid transporters (1162)

HGNC: HGNC:18762

Genetic variants

See also Ensembl:ENST00000450886