Protein name: FATP5 Aliases: ACSVL6, VLCS-H2, VLACSR, FACVL3, BAL, ACSB, BACS Substrates: LCFA, bile acids Transport type: LCFA transport, bile acid conjugation Tissue and cellular expression: liver Subcellular expression: N/D Disease: unknown Locus: 19q13.43 Sequence ID: NP_036386.1, NM_012254.2 Gene ID: 10998 Splice variants: unknown

S27A5_HUMAN (UniProt)

Gene names: SLC27A5, ACSB, ACSVL6, FACVL3, FATP5
Protein names and data: S27A5_HUMAN, Full=Bile acyl-CoA synthetase;Short=BACS;EC=, Full=Bile acid-CoA ligase;Short=BA-CoA ligase;Short=BAL;Full=Cholate--CoA ligase;Full=Fatty acid transport protein 5;Short=FATP-5;Full=Fatty-acid-coenzyme A ligase, very long-chain 3;Full=Solute carrier family 27 member 5;Full=Very long-chain acyl-CoA synthetase homolog 2;Short=VLCS-H2;Short=VLCSH2;Full=Very long-chain acyl-CoA synthetase-related protein;Short=VLACS-related;Short=VLACSR; Length: 690 a.a., Mass: 75385 Da,
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Function: Acyl-CoA synthetase involved in bile acid metabolism. Proposed to catalyze the first step in the conjugation of C24 bile acids (choloneates) to glycine and taurine before excretion into bile canaliculi by activating them to their CoA thioesters. Seems to activate secondary bile acids entering the liver from the enterohepatic circulation. In vitro, also activates 3-alpha,7- alpha,12-alpha-trihydroxy-5-beta-cholestanate (THCA), the C27 precursor of cholic acid deriving from the de novo synthesis from cholesterol
Catalytic activity: ATP + (25R)-3-alpha,7-alpha,12-alpha- trihydroxy-5-beta-cholestan-26-oate + CoA = AMP + diphosphate + (25R)-3-alpha,7-alpha,12-alpha-trihydroxy-5-beta-cholestanoyl-CoA
Cellular location: Endoplasmic reticulum membrane; Multi-pass membrane protein
Tissue specificity: Predominantly expressed in liver

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UniProt: Q9Y2P5
NextBio: 41783
OMIM: 603314
Ensembl: ENST00000263093
GeneCard: GC19M058479
PharmGenUCSF: SLC27A5
Guide to Pharmacology: SLC27A5 (1112)
SLC27 family of fatty acid transporters (1112)

HGNC: HGNC:10999

Genetic variants

See also Ensembl:ENST00000263093