Protein name: EAAT4 Aliases: System X-AG Substrates: L-Glu, D/L-Asp Transport type: Cotransporter / Na+, H+, K+ Tissue and cellular expression: cerebellum (Purkinje cells) Subcellular expression: N/D Disease: spinocerebellar ataxia type 5 Locus: 19p13.12 Sequence ID: NP_005062.1, NM_005071.1 Gene ID: 6511 Splice variants: N/D

EAA4_HUMAN (UniProt)

Gene names: SLC1A6, EAAT4
Protein names and data: EAA4_HUMAN, Full=Excitatory amino acid transporter 4, Full=Sodium-dependent glutamate/aspartate transporter;Full=Solute carrier family 1 member 6; Length: 564 a.a., Mass: 61565 Da,
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Function: Transports L-glutamate and also L- and D-aspartate. Seems to act as a symport by cotransporting sodium
Cellular location: Membrane; Multi-pass membrane protein
Tissue specificity: Brain. Expressed densely and selectively in cell bodies of Purkinje cells

Database cross-references

UniProt: P48664
NextBio: 25319
OMIM: 600637
Ensembl: ENST00000221742
GeneCard: GC19M014921
PharmGenUCSF: SLC1A6
Guide to Pharmacology: SLC1A6 (871)
Glutamate transporter subfamily (871)

HGNC: HGNC:10944

Genetic variants

See also Ensembl:ENST00000221742