Protein name: MTCH2 Aliases: MCH2 Substrates: N/D Transport type: Orphan transporter Tissue and cellular expression: N/D Subcellular expression: N/D Disease: N/D Locus: 11p11.2, Sequence ID: NP_055157.1, Gene ID: 23788 Splice variants: N/D


Gene names: MTCH2, MIMP, HSPC032
Protein names and data: MTCH2_HUMAN, Full=Mitochondrial carrier homolog 2, Full=Met-induced mitochondrial protein; Length: 303 a.a., Mass: 33331 Da,
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Function: The substrate transported is not yet known. Induces mitochondrial depolarization
Cellular location: Mitochondrion inner membrane; Multi-pass membrane protein (Potential)

Database cross-references

UniProt: Q9Y6C9
NextBio: 46797
OMIM: 613221
Ensembl: ENST00000302503
GeneCard: GC11M051601
TCDB: 2.A.29.25.2
Guide to Pharmacology: SLC25A50 (2555)
Miscellaneous SLC25 mitochondrial transporters (2555)

HGNC: HGNC:17587

Genetic variants

See also Ensembl:ENST00000302503